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Pablo Mesa Photo




Melbourne, AU

Producer, Photographer & Filmmaker


Cinematography is one of my greatest passions. At the age of 12, I received my first camera and started taking a digital photography course. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work in various roles in the photography crew for film productions, including director of photography, cameraman, drone operator, 1st and 2nd assistant of camera, focus puller, gaffer, lighting technician, and more. Despite my extensive experience, I always strive to learn and improve my craft, and consider myself an eternal student.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the ability to visit and capture footage of unique and breathtaking locations and processes that most people can only dream of experiencing.


I have been working as a Film Producer for nearly five years, overseeing challenging projects for the most prominent public TV channel in Antioquia, Colombia. I started as an Assistant Producer, which provided me with valuable experience and allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the production process and all the associated requirements of a large-scale production.

Now, as a General Producer, I can confidently manage various types of content for both TV and film.


I also have experience filming music videos. I've worked on several projects as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator, capturing captivating footage that helps bring the artist's vision to life. I'm experienced in coordinating with the creative team, scouting locations, selecting the right equipment, and capturing the perfect shots that convey the right emotions and message. Whether it's a high-energy performance or a visually stunning narrative, I have the skills and expertise to create a compelling music video that engages the audience.

Awards and recognition

  • Best national documentary shortfilm - Festival de cortos universitarios Cinestesia, Bogotá. 2018

  • Colombia Best Documentary Short Film, Festival de cortos de La Ceja, Antioquia. 2018

  • Best educational Tv Show “Crear tiene ingenio” - Premios India Catalina 2022

  • Honourable mention Videoclip “En el abismo están las golosinas” - Festival de Short films SYNCRO 2021

  • Best documentary series “Alma Caribe” - Premios India Catalina 2022

  • Honourable mention Videoclip “En el abismo están las golosinas” - Festival de cortos psicodélicos Échele cabeza 2022


My experience as a Photographer involve a continues exploration, I have shoot in weddings, birthdays, pregnant, baptisms and first communions, moreover, I have take photos of restaurants menu, portraits, factories, landscapes, parties, processes, transportation systems, warehouse, ETC. I like to use the tools that I have available to reach the perfect shot, understanding lighting is almost a life philosophy, natural or artificial, light is light.