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Melbourne, AU

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The cinematography is one of the most exciting passions in my life, when I was 12, I got my first camera and started a Digital Photography course. Nowadays, I've had work in different roles in the Photography Crew of film productions, I'd work as a Director of photography, Cameraman, Drone operator, 1st and 2nd Assistant of camera, Focus puller,  Gaffer, Lighting technician, ETC. No matter how much knowledge I get, I'm always willing new knowledge to improve my shots, I label my self as a Eternal student. Moreover, the most pleasant fact in this job, is that allows me visit and record a lot of places and process that usually people can't even imagine.


I'd been working as a Film Producer for almost 5 years, leading challenging projects for the most important public TV channel in Antioquia, Colombia. I started as a Assistant producer, experience that help me develop and improve a 360 view of the process and comprehend all the needs of a big production, nowadays, I can sort projects as a General producer, in different types of contents for TV and Film.

Awards and recognition

  • Best national documentary shortfilm - Festival de cortos universitarios Cinestesia, Bogotá. 2018

  • Colombia Best Documentary Short Film, Festival de cortos de La Ceja, Antioquia. 2018

  • Best educational Tv Show “Crear tiene ingenio” - Premios India Catalina 2022

  • Honourable mention Videoclip “En el abismo están las golosinas” - Festival de Short films SYNCRO 2021

  • Best documentary series “Alma Caribe” - Premios India Catalina 2022

  • Honourable mention Videoclip “En el abismo están las golosinas” - Festival de cortos psicodélicos Échele cabeza 2022


My experience as a Photographer involve a continues exploration, I have shoot in weddings, birthdays, pregnant, baptisms and first communions, moreover, I have take photos of restaurants menu, portraits, factories, landscapes, parties, processes, transportation systems, warehouse, ETC. I like to use the tools that I have available to reach the perfect shot, understanding lighting is almost a life philosophy, natural or artificial, light is light.