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Second season

Más Allá del Tiempo Season 2, is a period series made by Opción Video Digital, composed of 10 chapters of 24 minutes. In each chapter the life story of some illustrious characters born in Antioquia, outstanding in the arts, science, business, and their political or social importance.


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Enjoy it completely free on the Teleantioquia YouTube channel!

Chapter 1: Epifanio Mejía

Interpreted by  Mauro Donetti

Chapter 2: Alejandro Echavarría

Interpreted by Mauricio Figueroa

Chapter 3: Gonzalo Mejía

Interpreted by Felipe Giraldo

Chapter 4: Pepe Sierra

Interpreted by Iván Rodríguez

Chapter 6: Marco Fidel Suárez

Interpreted by Luis Fernando Múnera

Chapter 5: Luz Castro Gutiérrez

Interpreted by Luisa Fernanda Giraldo

Chapter 7: Porfirio Barba Jacob

Interpreted by Julio Correal

Chapter 8: Belisario Betancur

Interpreted by Juan Ángel

Chapter 9: Rodrigo Arenas

Interpreted  by Alberto Cardeño

Chapter 10: Rafael Uribe Uribe

Interpreted by Álvaro García

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