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Las casas de Dios

Las Casas de Dios (The houses of God) is a documentary series that explores the different religious manifestations that are professed in the Department of Antioquia. The series is a journey through the beliefs, rites, traditions and cosmogonies with which the communities of the department identify in the search for answers that go beyond the earthly. This exploration into the spirituality of the people of Antioquia transcends the discussion about who or who possesses the truth.

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Fiction  |  Comedy  |   Family   |  TV 

Enjoy it completely free on the Teleantioquia YouTube channel!

Chapter 1: Creer

Chapter 2: Dioses

Chapter 3: Vida

Chapter 4: La Muerte

Chapter 5: Rituales y ceremoniales

Chapter 6: Sufrimiento

Chapter 7: Laicismo

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