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Through the eyes of Beatriz Echeverry and Socorro Londoño, the gossips of the neighborhood; we will witness the most unusual events that happen in this particular street. The events narrated through this story are just a pretext to show our true character: LA CUADRA.

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Chapter 1: Los vecinos

Chapter 2: El problema de la cuadra

Chapter 3: Las alianzas de Yesica Tatiana

Chapter 4: Duelo de titanes

Chapter 6: Don Quijote no se mancha

Chapter 5: Arte dramático

Chapter 7: De eso tan bueno no dan tanto

Chapter 8: Nace una estrella

Chapter 9: Relación quebrada

Chapter 10: Esa es mi reina

Chapter 11: Lobo con piel de oveja

Final Chapter: Cain y Abel

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