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Heritage and Tradition

Documentary | TV 

In this fun and significant series, we go through the different festivals in the municipalities of Antioquia. Accompanied by an international ambassador, we will visit different towns recognizing not only their festivals, but also their gastronomy, culture, economic activity, and music.

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Necoclí: The coconut festivals

Urrao: The festivities of Cacique Toné

San Pedro de los Milagros: Milk Festivals

San Jerónimo: Festivals of the Sun

Venice: Tusa Hill Festivals

Santa Barbara: Mango Festivals

Liborina: Bean Festivals

Gómez Plata: Festivities of cordiality

Cisneros: Festivals of the riel and Antioquia

Pueblo Rico: Trapiche and carriel festivals

Hispania: Saman Festival

La Ceja: Festivals of the awning, bicycles and flowers

San Antonio de Pereira: Empanada Festival

El Peñol: Festivals of old Peñol and the reservoir

Arboletes: Sea and Volcano Culture Festival

Alexandria: Festivals of Sympathy

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