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Cristina llamando a tierra:
Crisis climática en el planeta.

Fiction  |  Comedy  |   Family   |  TV 

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Cristina Llamando a Tierra: Crisis Climática en el Planeta (Cristina Calling Earth, Climate Crisis on the Planet) is an audiovisual series of twelve chapters that addresses, from a scientific perspective, the various environmental problems caused by human activity throughout its civilization and aims to raise awareness about the imminent risk that it runs by not acting resolutely and responsibly to reverse the damage done to the planet. It is a journey where experts and activists warned what is happening with the climate crisis and invoked the power we have to reduce and adapt to the increase in temperature that puts the existence of the human race and all living beings on the planet at risk.

CRISTINA LLAMANDO A TIERRA_CABEZOTE_JULIO 27_v1.mxf_snapshot_01.07.444.jpg

Cristina calling the ground was made in a VIRTUAL SET, a technique that allows the creation of digital content, with screen interaction, scene changes, VFX, among many more possibilities.

Each chapter of Cristina calling Earth is a journey through different virtual sets that allow the recognition of various ecosystems through technological tools and various specialized software, in this case, Unreal Engine.

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