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Crear tiene ingenio

Fiction  |  Comedy  |   Family   |  TV 

CREAR TIENE INGENIO - CT+I was a winning series in the 38 version of Premios India Catalina Awards in the category "Best young TV program".

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Crear Tiene Ingenio was made with a Virtual Set Technology,  Technique that allows a digital content with virtual screens interaction, onset video-calls, scenario changes, VFX, and a lot of more possibilities.

Each episode of CT+I (Crear Tiene Ingenio) is a journey through the scientific discoveries and technological developments, that have been put at the service of humanity, showing devices and applications of different types, that help with issues or solve problems of our lives.

Communication, engineering, medicine, electricity, entertainment, education, transport, energy, connectivity, and many others, are topics that has the quality of being innovative for the science and technology, At the en of every episode, we'll understand how technology, science and innovation have been essential for the evolution of the society as we know it today.

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